Respecte a creences i realitats

Posted in Tots els avatars by blami on 6 Novembre 2007

Enyorant els temps en que discutíem la Conxi, el Dav i jo respecte a realitats i creences, no m’he pogut estar de transcriure un fragment del llibre “I am a Strange Loop” del Hofstadter:

Throug many types of abstraction and analogy-making and inductive reasoning, and through many long and tortuous chains of citations of all sorts of authorities (which constitute an indispensable pillar supporting every adult’s belief system, despite the insistence of high-school teachers who year after year teach that “arguments by authority” are spurious and are convinced that they ought to be believed because they are, after all, authority figures) , we build up an intrincate, interlocked set of beliefs as to what exists “out there” — and then, once again, that set of beliefs folds back, inevitably and seamlessly, to apply to our own selves.


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